Disclosure of Educational Information (September 2014)

01.07.2016 Update

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1. Purposes and Policies Related to the University's Education and Research

  1. The Purpose of the Faculty of Letters and Education(PDF-50KB)
  2. The Purpose of the Faculty of Science(PDF- 50KB)
  3. The Purpose of the Faculty of Human Life and Environmental Sciences(PDF- 50KB)
  4. The Purpose of the Humanities and Sciences Master's Program(PDF- 50KB)
  5. The Purpose of the Humanities and Sciences Doctoral Program(PDF- 51KB)
Curriculum Formulation and Implementation Policy (Curriculum Policy)
  1. Bachelor's Program Curriculum Formulation and Implementation Policy(PDF- 98KB)
  2. Graduate School Curriculum Formulation and Implementation Policy(PDF- 119KB)

2. The Basic Education and Research Organizations

  1. Undergraduate
  2. Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences
  3. On-campus Joint Educational Research Facilities

3. Faculty Organizations, Number of Teaching Staff Members, and Academic Credentials and Achievements of Individual Teaching Staff Members

  1. Faculty Organization(PDF- 76KB)
  2. Administrative Organization Chart(PDF- 77KB)
  3. Number of Teaching Staff Members(PDF- 59KB)
  4. Academic Credentials and Achievements of Individual Teaching Staff Members (Researcher Information)
  5. Status of Outside Funding(PDF- 19KB)

4. Admissions Policy for New Students, Number of New Students, Admission Capacity and Number of Enrolled Students, Number of Students Withdrawing Before Completion, Number of Students Graduating or Completing Programs, Number of Students Continuing to Higher Degree Programs, Number of Students Obtaining Employment, and the Status of Other Issues Related to the Pursuit of Higher Degrees and Employment, etc.

  1. Admissions Policy for New Students (Admissions Policy)(PDF- 339KB)
  2. Number of New Students, Number of Enrolled Students, Admission Capacity, Transfer Student Capacity, and Number of Transfer Students(PDF- 17KB)
  3. Number of Students Withdrawing Before Completion and Dropout Rate(PDF- 19KB)
  4. Number of Students Graduating, Number of Students Completing Programs, Number of Students Continuing to Higher Degree Programs, Number of Students Obtaining Employment, Number of Degrees Conferred(PDF- 16KB)
  5. Places of Employment and Higher Degree Program Destinations(PDF- 26KB)

5. Course Subjects, Methodology of Teaching, Course Content, and Annual Class Schedules

Annual Class Schedules (Japanese only)

6. Criteria for Assessing the Results of Learning and Certification of Graduation or Completion

  1. Policy for the Conferral of Bachelor's Degrees (Diploma Policy)(PDF- 71KB)
  2. Policy for the Conferral of Master's and Doctoral Degrees (Diploma Policy)(PDF- 74KB)
  3. Number of Required Compulsory Credits by Category of Compulsory Subjects, Elective Subjects, and Free Elective Subjects (Undergraduate)(PDF- 15KB)
  4. Undergraduate Grade Calculation(PDF- 83KB)
  5. Graduate School Completion Requirements(PDF- 72KB)
  6. Graduate School Grade Calculation(PDF- 51KB)
  7. Available Degrees(PDF- 10KB)
  8. Available Credentials and Qualifications(PDF- 118KB)

7. School Site and School Building Facilities and Equipment, and Other Matters Related to the Student Education and Research Environment

  1. Location
  2. Main Means of Transportation
  3. Campus Overview
  4. Athletic Facilities Overview(PDF- 11KB)
  5. Welfare Facilities (Student Union(PDF- 73KB), University Co-op(PDF- 52KB), Outdoor Educational Facilities)
  6. University Library (University Library Learning Environment(PDF- 155KB))
  7. Extracurricular Activities(PDF- 87KB) (Circle Activities(PDF- 56KB))
  8. Undergraduate/Graduate School Learning Environment(PDF- 23KB)
  9. Information Education (IT Center)(PDF- 91KB)

8. Tuition, Admission Fees, and Other Expenses

  1. Tuition and Admission Fees(PDF- 10KB)
  2. Dormitory Boarding Fees, etc.(PDF- 12KB)
  3. Tuition/Admission Fees Waiver and Delayed Payment System(PDF- 47KB)

9. University Support for Student Learning, Career Selection, and Physical/Mental Health, etc.

  1. Campus Student Support Organizations(PDF- 52KB)
  2. Dormitory Maintenance
  3. Employment Support(PDF- 64KB)
  4. Career Development(PDF- 68KB)
  5. Counseling(PDF- 108KB)
  6. Support for International Students
    1. Enrollment Procedures (Applicant Guidelines (Japanese only))
      Enrollment Before Traveling to Japan, etc.(PDF- 10KB)
    2. Support After Enrollment
      1. Dormitory Life
      2. Support
        1. Peer Support Program(PDF- 37KB)
        2. International Student Consultation Room/Private Tutor System
        3. Japanese Language Study(PDF- 54KB)
        4. International Exchange Support
    3. Earning a Degree(PDF- 11KB)
    4. Employment, etc., After Earning a Degree(PDF- 10KB)
    5. Establishment of Programs to Earn a Degree Exclusively Through Courses Taught in English(PDF- 9KB)
  7. Financial Aid
    1. Scholarships(PDF- 59KB)
      Types of Scholarship
      (Ochanomizu University Scholarships(PDF- 17KB),
      Scholarships for International Students(PDF- 15KB))
    2. Other Financial Aid
      (Tuition and Admission Fee Waivers(PDF- 56KB),
      Student Loans(PDF- 39KB))
  8. Support for Disabled Students(PDF- 50KB)

10. Implementation of International University Evaluation Activities

  1. Number of Students per Full-time Teaching Staff Member(PDF- 13KB)
  2. Average Number of Students Enrolled in Each Course
    1. Undergraduate(PDF- 219KB)
    2. Graduate(PDF- 95KB)
  3. Acquisition of Certifications(PDF- 10KB)
  4. Number of Foreign Teaching Staff Members, etc.(PDF- 46KB)
  5. Joint Research with Overseas Research Organizations(PDF- 14KB)
  6. Overseas Partner Universities(PDF- 21KB)
    1. Exchange Partner Universities
    2. History of the Number of Exchange Partner Universities
  7. Indicators of the History of Interaction Between the Teaching Staff Members/Students of Overseas Partner Universities, Credit Transfer, Double Degrees, etc.
    1. History of Teaching Staff Exchange(PDF- 11KB)
    2. Student Exchange(PDF- 115KB)
    3. History of Credit Exchange Dispatch with Overseas Partner Universities(PDF- 11KB)
    4. History of Double Degrees, etc.(PDF- 9KB)
  8. History of Admission of International Students(PDF- 45KB)
  9. Implementation of a Summer Program
  10. Implementation of Outside/Third-party Evaluations(PDF- 15KB)
  11. Other Aspects of the University's Internationalization Strategy(PDF- 21KB)

11. Financial/Management Information

  1. Official Announcements as a National University Corporation (Japanese only)

12. Implementation of Educational Projects (Special Expenditures, etc.)

  1. Educational Reform Initiatives(PDF-4,738KB)

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