Residence Halls

28.03.2016 Update

Residence Halls

Student Housing

Ochanomizu University has three dormitories. The International Students House (Itabashi-ku) is for undergraduate students and international students who live away from home, the Koishikawa Dormitory is for graduate students, and the new dormitory (Ochanomizu University SCC) is for first- and second-year undergraduates.

Eligibility to Apply to Reside in a Dormitory and Application Guidelines

International Students House Koishikawa Dormitory Ochanomizu University SCC
Eligibility to apply to reside in a dormitory Students who have a commute to school of roughly 2 hours or more from home (parents’ residence) and have a high degree of economic hardship Students whose household income (parents’ income) does not exceed the stipulated amount
Intended dormitory residents Japanese undergraduate students and international undergraduate/graduate students Japanese students in a master’s/doctoral program 1st/2nd-year undergraduate students
(Selected from among eligible students)
Capacity 399 77 50
Boarding cost ¥4,700 ¥4,300 ¥30,000
Room type Private room
(Shared bathroom; included air conditioner)
Private room
(Shared toilet/bathroom; included air conditioner)
Private room
* “House” units of 5 residents share a bathroom, toilet, washroom, etc.

Applying to Reside in a Dormitory

A notification that dormitory application guidelines are available will be posted on the bulletin board in front of the Student Services Building around January. Students who would like to live in a dormitory must submit an application form by the stipulated deadline. Student housing is university housing in which students from other areas of Japan gather, and international student housing is where many international students live. They are also places to gain the ability to maintain your personal life in the context of group living, and to make new friends.

Emergency move-in

Although Ochanomizu University’s international student housing facilities are intended for students who live away from home, students who do not meet the normal conditions may be authorized to move in when the University has judged that the student has an urgent need. “Urgent need” refers to situations such as the following.

  • The student is being targeted by a stalker.
  • Unexpected economic hardship due to something such as the death of the student's parents.
  • Destruction of the student’s residence due to a natural disaster, etc.
    In addition, as a rule, the maximum length of an emergency move-in is 1 year.

Inquiries Regarding Student Housing

  • Student and Career Support Office
    Student Affairs Support Section
    • Student Services Building, 2nd floor
    • 03-5978-2646
    • Monday through Friday, 8:30 A.M. to 5:15 P.M.
    • gakusei@cc.ocha.ac.jp

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