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Campus Map



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  1. Main Building
    -Administration Office
    -Faculty of Human Life &
    Environmental Sciences
    -University Archive
    -Liaison URA Center
  2. Auditorium
  3. Comprehensive Research Building
    -Institute for Human Life Science
  4. Faculty of Human Life & Environmental Sciences, Main Building 2
  5. Ochadai Academic Production Research Building
  6. Building Outdoor Elevator
  7. Radioisotope Research Center
  8. Faculty of Science, Building 1
    -Institute for Science & Education
    -Center for Soft Matter Physics
  9. Faculty of Science, Building 2
  10. Faculty of Science, Building 3
  11. Information, Media and Education
    Square(Office procedures to the Library)
  12. Library
  13. Student Service Building
    -Center for Institutional Research, Educational Development, and Learning Support
    -Headquarters for International Affairs
    -Center for International Education
    -Global Collaboration Center
    -Student and Career Support Center
  14. Faculty of Letters & Education,
    Building 1
  15. Inter-Faculty Building 1
  1. Inter-Faculty Building 2
  2. Inter-Faculty Building 3
    -Foreign Language Education Center
  3. Cafeteria
  4. Health Care Center
  5. Otowakan
    -Student Commons Annex
  6. Japanese Archery Range
  7. Faculty of Letters & Education,
    Building 2
  8. Student Commons
  9. Student Meeting Center
  10. Graduate School of
    Humanities & Sciences Building
    -Institute for Gender Studies
    -Institute for Global Leadership
    -Institute for Gendered Innovations
  11. Tea-ceremony Building
  12. University Gymnasium
  13. Kindergarten
  14. Elementary School Building 1
    Elementary School Building 2
    Elementary School Building 3
    Elementary School Gymnasium
  15. Junior High School Building 1
    Junior High School Building 2
    Junior High School Gymnasium
  1. High School Main Building
    High School Gymnasium
  2. Hisao & Hiroko TAKI PLAZA
  3. Univercity Hall
  4. Izumi Nursery
  5. Ohtsuka Lodging
  6. Center for Early Childhood Education and Care

Cubic diagram

Cubic diagram

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