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13.03.2017 Update

Academic Calender

Academic Calender 2017(PDF 70KB)

Academic Calender 2017
April.4(Tue.) Entrance ceremony
April.8(Sat.) Start of the 1st quarter / 1st (spring) semester
May.1(Mon.) No class
May.2(Tue.) No class
June.3(Sat.)~June.9(Fri.) the term of 1st quarter classes & exams
June.10(Sat.) Start of the 2nd quarter
July.15(Sat.) No class because of Open campus
July.15(Sat.)~July.28(Fri.) Engrish Summer Program
August.1(Tue.)~August.7(Mon.) the term of 2nd quarter classes & exams /
the term of 1st (spring) semester make-up classes & final exams
August.8(Tue.)~September.30(Sat.) Summer vacation
October.2(Mon.) Start of the 3rd quarter / 2nd (autumn) semester
October.9(Mon./National holiday) Regular class
November.3(Fri./National holiday) Regular class
November.10(Fri.) No class because of preparation for school festival
November.11(Sat.) No class because of school festival
November.20(Mon.) Open Not Monday But Friday class will be held
November.21(Tue.) Open Not Tuesday But Saturday class will be held
November.22(Wed.)~November.28(Tue.) the term of 3rd quarter classes & exams
November.23(Thu./National holiday) Regular class
November.29(Wed.) Start of the 4th quarter & Anniversary of the founding
December.23(Sat./National holiday) Regular class
December.28(Thu.)~January.3(Wed.) Winter vacation
January.4(Thu.) Class starts
January.11(Thu.) Open Not Thursday But Monday class will be held
January.13(Sat.) No class because of National Center Test for University Admissions
January.19(Fri.) Open Not Friday But Saturday class will be held
January.20(Sat.) No class because of National Center Retest for University Admissions
January.24(Wed.) Open Not Wednesday But Saturday class will be held
January.27(Sat.)~Feburary.2(Fri.) the term of 4th quarter classes & exams /
the term of 2nd (autumn) semester make-up classes & final exams
March.23(Fri.) Graduation ceremony
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