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2-1-1 Ohtsuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8610, Japan
Campus Phone Information: 03-3943-3151

Phone Numbers

Planning and Strategy Division

General Affairs

TEL: 03-5978-5106FAX: 03-5978-5890

Public Relations

TEL: 03-5978-5105FAX: 03-5978-5545

Planning and Coordination



University Regulations

TEL: 03-5978-5107FAX: 03-5978-5890


TEL: 03-5978-5116FAX: 03-5978-5890

Promotion of Gender Equality

TEL: 03-5978-5336FAX: 03-5978-5545

TEL: 03-5978-5790FAX: 03-5978-5892

Personnel and Labor Relations Division

Human Resources Plannning

TEL: 03-5978-5110FAX: 03-5978-5561

Human Resources

TEL: 03-5978-5109FAX: 03-5978-5561

Employee Management

TEL: 03-5978-5111FAX: 03-5978-5561

Laber Management

TEL: 03-5978-2045FAX: 03-5978-5561

Payroll and Benefits

TEL: 03-5978-5122FAX: 03-5978-5561

Payroll and Benefits

TEL: 03-5978-5118FAX: 03-5978-5561

Finance Division

Budget Planning

TEL: 03-5978-5117FAX: 03-5978-5891

Fund Management

TEL: 03-5978-5121FAX: 03-5978-5891

Finance and Accounting

TEL: 03-5978-5119FAX: 03-5978-5891

Endowment Fund

TEL: 03-5978-2556FAX: 03-5978-2556


TEL: 03-5978-5123FAX: 03-5978-5891

Property Management

TEL: 03-5978-5749FAX: 03-5978-5891


Acceptance Inspection

TEL: 03-5978-5519FAX: 03-5978-5849


Facilities Division

Facilities Planning

TEL: 03-5978-5134FAX: 03-5978-5892


TEL: 03-5978-5133FAX: 03-5978-5892


TEL: 03-5978-5135FAX: 03-5978-5892


TEL: 03-5978-5136FAX: 03-5978-5892

Facility Management

TEL: 03-5978-5125FAX: 03-5978-5892

Academic Affairs Division

Academic Planning

TEL: 03-5978-5139FAX: 03-5978-5893

Academic Affairs

TEL: 03-5978-5141FAX: 03-5978-5893

Faculty of Letters and Education Academic Affairs

TEL: 03-5978-2722FAX: 03-5978-5893

Faculty of Science Academic Affairs

TEL: 03-5978-2723FAX: 03-5978-5893

Faculty of Human Life and Environmental Sciences Academic Affairs

TEL: 03-5978-5140FAX: 03-5978-5893

Graduate School Academic Affairs

TEL: 03-5978-5821FAX:


TEL: 03-5978-5963FAX:

Faculty Support

TEL: 03-5978-5288FAX:

Faculty Support

TEL: 03-5978-5723FAX:

Faculty Support

TEL: 03-5978-5287FAX:

Student and Career Support Division

Student Support, Career Support

TEL: 03-5978-5148、5147FAX: 03-5978-5894

Student Support, Career Support

TEL: 03-5978-5146FAX: 03-5978-5894

Student Support, Career Support

TEL: 03-5978-2646FAX: 03-5978-5894

Admissions Division

Undergraduate Courses

TEL: 03-5978-5151/5152FAX: 03-5978-5895

Graduate Courses

TEL: 03-5978-5697FAX: 03-5978-5895

Affiliated Schools Administration Division

Affiliated Schools

TEL: 03-5978-5851,03-5978-5992FAX: 03-5978-5991

Senior High School Office

TEL: 03-5978-5855FAX: 03-5978-5991

Junior High School Office

TEL: 03-5978-5862FAX: 03-5978-5863

Elementary School Office

TEL: 03-5978-5873FAX: 03-5978-5872

Kindergarten Office

TEL: 03-5978-5881FAX: 03-5978-5882

Izumi Nursery Office

TEL: 03-5978-5337FAX: 03-5978-5337

International Affairs Division

International Affairs

TEL: 03-5978-5722FAX: 03-5978-5951

International Students

TEL: 03-5978-5143FAX: 03-5978-5951

Research Promotion Division

Research Cooperation

TEL: 03-5978-5163FAX: 03-5978-2732

Society - University Collaboration

TEL: 03-5978-5162FAX: 03-5978-2732

Library and Information Division

Library Planning (General Affairs)

TEL: 03-5978-5836FAX: 03-5978-5849

Library Planning (Serials Contracts)

TEL: 03-5978-5834FAX: 03-5978-5849

Cataloging Services

TEL: 03-5978-5837FAX: 03-5978-5849

Library Services

TEL: 03-5978-5838FAX: 03-5978-5933

Learning and Research Support Services

TEL: 03-5978-5839FAX: 03-5978-5933

TEL: 03-5978-5839FAX: 03-5978-5933

Information Infrastructure

TEL: 03-5978-5567FAX: 03-5978-5849


TEL: 03-5978-5887FAX: 03-5978-5849

Internal Auditing Office

TEL: 03-5978-5340FAX: 03-5978-5733