Strengthening global capabilities
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Strengthening global capabilities


Improvement of educational courses

  1. Creation of a global human resources development curriculum
  2. Increase of the number of classes available in English
  3. Introduction of specialized education partly conducted in English
  4. Creation of overseas seminars and internship programs
  5. Expansion of job experience through short-term language studies
  6. Japanese-language teaching training at partner universities
  7. International student forums
  8. Flexible enrollment seasons for international students

Initiatives for the enhancement of global educational strengths

  1. Offer classes by overseas lecturers, visits to classes by Ochanomizu University teaching staff, lectures and workshops
  2. Conduct classes in foreign languages and summer programs in English
  3. Provide financial support for overseas training and research
  4. Host international seminars and workshops with student participation
  5. Offer a greater variety of classes held in English, implement short-term Japanese language programs, and add teaching staff invited from abroad to the faculty