Academic year 2016 Ochanomizu University Awards Ceremony

06.03.2017 Update

A ceremony featuring several Ochanomizu University Awards named after Toshiko Yuasa, Chika Kuroda, Ikuko Koizumi, Kono Yasui and Michiyo Tsujimura, respectively, took place on February 24, 2017. The Toshiko Yuasa Award (Yuasa Award) celebrates Dr. Toshiko Yuasa, a physicist who conducted outstanding experimental nuclear research and played a role internationally. The Chika Kuroda Award (Kuroda Award) honors Dr. Chika Kuroda, a chemist who conducted outstanding research related to the structures of natural pigments during her lengthy career. The fourth Yuasa Award gold medal went to Yuko Motizuki, a research unit leader in Riken’s Astro-Glaciology Research Unit for pioneering a new interdisciplinary research field related to Antarctic ice cores and exemplifying leadership in academia. The second Kuroda Award was presented to Kanae Tsushima—an assistant professor in the National Institute of Informatics’ Information Systems Architecture Science Research Division for research related to type error debugger implementation—and Mayumi Kudo, an assistant professor at the National Institute of Technology, Gunma College’s Department of Chemistry and Materials Science, for research related to creating foldamer chain molecules with helical structures.

The Ikuko Koizumi, Kono Yasui and Michiyo Tsujimura awards were created this academic year to celebrate their respective achievements. Ikuko Koizumi studied in the U.S. after graduating from Ochanomizu University, and advocated widely for improvements in women’s rights through social efforts that included authoring a book entitled Theory of Coeducation. She also promoted educational and cultural interaction between Japan and China, and contributed to the establishment and development of J. F. Oberlin University after the Second World War. Kono Yasui engaged in groundbreaking research from the earliest days of biochemistry in Japan, trained many female students at Ochanomizu University and its predecessors, and became Japan’s first female doctor of science. Michiyo Tsujimura graduated from Ochanomizu University and trained many female students. She also conducted outstanding research related to the makeup of green tea for many years, and was active in her field as Japan’s first female doctor of agriculture. The awards were conferred the same day.

The first Koizumi Award went to Yuzuruha Oyama, senior manager of decorative arts at the Tokyo National Museum for her cultural resources study perspective on antique textiles called tsujiga-hana. The first Yasui Award was given to Narie Sasaki, an associate professor in the Division of Biological Science at Nagoya University’s Graduate School of Science, for research related to mitochondrial DNA function control mechanisms and contributions in support of female researchers, along with Kogiku Shiba, an assistant professor at the University of Tsukuba’s Faculty of Life and Environmental Science Shimoda Marine Research Center, for cytobiological research into flagellar and ciliary motility mechanisms. The first Tsujimura Award was presented to Ochanomizu University Professor Emeritus Atsuko Shimada for multifaceted analytical research into cookery science.

The attendees included Dr. Junji Haba from the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, who is also Japan director of the Associate International Laboratory’s Toshiko Yuasa Laboratory (TYL); Dr. Marc Besançon from the CEA Institute of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe, who also serves as TYL’s French director; and various other people with connections to the respective awards. Ochanomizu University President Kimiko Murofushi presented commendation certificates and offered congratulatory remarks. After commemorative photos were taken, the results of the award winners’ research were presented at the get-together. Participants chatted in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.

  • 室伏学長から受章者へ祝辞President Murofushi congratulates
    the award recipients
  • 室伏学長、受章者、賞にゆかりの方々President Murofushi, award recipients and
    people connected with the awards
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