Commemorative Programs and Ceremonies Held to Celebrate the University’s 140th Anniversary on a Grand Scale

10.12.2015 Update

A splendid ceremony to commemorate Ochanomizu University’s 140th anniversary took place on Sunday, November 29, 2015.

The dignified commemorative event took place in the university’s tradition-laden auditoriums. Numerous guests from various fields—including (administrative) Vice Minister Sadayuki Tsuchiya from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)—were welcomed. Atsuko Toyama, Yoichi Nakatani and Marie-Claire Lett received honorary doctorates during the day. Former president and Professor Emeritus Masuko Honda was on hand to offer the keynote presentation on the topic “Looking back over one hundred and forty years of history.”

On November 28, the day before the commemorative ceremony, several commemorative events took place. Shigehiko Toyama, an Ochanomizu University professor emeritus, gave a keynote presentation on “Leading the way to the future,” while Mamoru Mohri—an administrative councilor of the university and the chief executive director of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation—gave a special commemorative presentation on the topic of “Challenging the unknown.” Music and dance performances were staged as well, making the day a great success.

The commemorative program took place on an unseasonably mild early winter day. It reflected the past one hundred and forty years of our history and tradition and marked the start of the next one hundred and forty years.

The day’s remarks and recordings can be viewed here.

November 29 Ceremony Commemorating the University’s 140th Anniversary—President’s Message

Animated video: Chise-chan Shihori-chan no Kaisetsu! Ochadai Zenshi (Chise and Shihori Explain about Ochanomizu University’s Past) released via YouTube as part of the November 28 commemorative program

Animated video about Ochanomizu University’s history: 11/28

Professor Emeritus Shigehiko Toyama’s keynote presentation: 11/28

President’s remarks: 11/28

Atsuko Toyama’s honorary doctorate ceremony: 11/29

School song sung in unison: 11/29

Former president Masuko Honda’s keynote presentation: 11/29

Congratulatory remarks from the minister of MEXT, read by MEXT (administrative) Vice Minister Sadayuki Tsuchiya: 11/29

Yoichi Nakatani’s honorary doctorate ceremony: 11/29

President Kimiko Murofushi’s speech: 11/29

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