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šThe 21st Century Center of Excellence Program

  Based on its University Structural Reform Plan, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) launched the 21st Century Center of Excellence Program (the 21st Century COE Program) in 2002.

  The purpose of the 21st Century COE Program is to raise the standards of education and research, and develop academic minds to lead the world by creating a competitive environment. 

  It also encourages the leading projects in each academic field in order to make universities that could be the worldfs apex of excellence with international competitiveness.



@     EStudies of Human-Development from Birth to Death

      @  (School of Human Development) Academic Years 2002-2006

@     EFrontiers of Gender Studies (Institute for Gender Studies)

     @   Academic Years 2003-2007

Ochanomizu University@@@@MEXT@@@@JSPS


 Ochanomizu University 


 Reserch Cooperation Office