On the publication of To promote Women leaders: Leadership in the age of globalization

22.02.2019 Update

The Institute for Global Leadership (IGL) of Ochanomizu University (formerly the Institute for Leadership Education and Research) has been hosting a series of lectures under the “Leadership Seminar” since 2009 to discuss the desirable qualities of leadership expected in the age of globalization and diversity, and to share the thoughts with the audience about what is required for excellent leadership.

We are pleased to announce that in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Leadership Seminar, the Institute has recently published To promote Women leaders: Leadership in the age of globalization through Keisoshobo Publishing Company.

The book consists of two Parts. Part I reviews the ten lectures of invited speakers about “my thoughts on leadership” held from 2009 to 2016, and Part II presents the content of the key note lecture and the subsequent special symposium held in the last summer under the title of “Women’s leadership and liberal arts education in the aging and low-fertility society.” We hope that readers will find the book informative and enjoyable to read. For further information, please visit the publisher’s website: http://www.keisoshobo.co.jp/book/b432319.html.

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