Report: 2013 Summer Program in English

Period: Augst 1-9

With the goals to educate people who wish to pursue an active career on the international stage, and to promote student interchange, Ochanomizu University offers a series of lectures in English.

Theme Ⅰ : Contemporary Perspectives on Social Policy, Education, Family and Development

This class, taught by an interdisciplinary team of five professors, will present various perspectives on social policy, education, family and child development in contemporary Japan. Each session consists of lectures and discussions. Students are expected to actively participate in class discussions.

Theme II : Latest Topics in Natural Sciences and Contribution of Japan

Nature is filled with structurally diverse or differently-colored substances and living creatures. The physical nature of form (structure or assembly) and color is figured out by the sciences, especially mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and information science. The lectures examine and explain the science on form and color, and are given in English by teaching staff in the Faculty of Science.

Theme III : Globalized Aesthetics: An Introduction to Cross-Cultural Developments in Contemporary Art, Architecture, and Literature

This program aims to offer students a comprehensive introduction to contemporary international responses to the visual arts, architecture, and literature. The course will consider recent developments in the above major areas before turning to detailed examination of their critical reception.

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Group Photo of Participants

2013 Suumer Program Participants

-- Remarks from 2013 Summper Program Participants --

"Thank you for such an amazing opportunity. This program has increased my English skills and desire to study."

"Our students came back all enthusiastic about the Schools, the perfect organization and the people they have had the luck to meet."

"It’s really a nice program that provided us an opportunity to broaden vision and improve professional knowledge. "

Report: 2013 Summer Program in Japanese

Period: July15-31(3weeks)

Ochanomizu University started a new Japanese summer program in 2013. Students who are studying Japanese language at all partner universities are eligible to apply to this program. This 3week Japanese intensive program combines comprehensive language and study skills through “Project Work” geared towards improving academic skills.


A well-balanced course that focuses on the four language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Project Work

Aframework designed to develop academic language skills. The tasks will include research assignments, written reports and an oral presentation. All of the projects will consider topics in Japanesesociety and culture.

Afternoons and weekends

Flower arrangement, Kimonowearing and other culture classes and field work.

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-- Remarks from 2013 Summper Program Participants --

"When I got the acceptance letter back, I felt so glad that I would have this great opportunity. I was so excited to meet my new friends who came to many countries around the world. With this Japanese summer program, I got a lot of experience including Japanese language and how to live the life as Japanese people. I hope that if there is another good Japanese summer program like this program, I will be able to be a part of it once again."

"I thought the ‘field work’ part of the program was great because I had to learn a lot about the Bunkyo area and I got to visit places in Tokyo that a typical tourist would probably not end up visiting.
I’m really glad I was able to take part in this summer program because I think it helped my speaking and listening skills in Japanese a lot and I was able to make new friends that I hope to keep in touch with for years to come."

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