Ochanomizu University’s “Developing Global Leaders in Science and Engineering Who Continually Create Innovation with the Migakazuba Spirit” Program was selected for the MEXT FY2013 Program for Leading Graduate Schools, Composite Category
(Cross-Sectional Theme)

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The Program for Leading Graduate Schools, sponsored by MEXT (The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), aims to “equip talented students with broad perspectives and creativity so that they can develop into future leaders who are globally active in industry, academia and government, through the development of graduate schools worthy of being considered among the highest caliber educational institutions, by collecting top-class faculty members and students from inside and outside Japan, enlisting participation from industry, academia and government, and supporting radical innovations in graduate education for the design and development of quality-assured, globally-respected diploma programs consistent throughout master’s and doctoral program across disciplines. (From Call for Entries)” Our school was selected in the “Composite Category (Cross-Sectional Theme).”

Five-Year Consistent Education Program for Master’s and Doctoral Programs
Long- and Short-term “Lab Rotation” Dispatches to Companies and Overseas Positions

Each year, about 15 graduate students starting their master’s studies will be selected from the Division of Life Sciences and Division of Advanced Sciences. The students will pursue studies in their respective subjects while also participating in the newly established “Global Science and Engineering Sub-division.” In addition to their regular classes they will take classes for developing and strengthening innovative skills and global skills, as well as team studies for developing teamwork skills. In the team studies, each team will bring together graduate students from different fields. Each team will independently decide on a research theme, conduct research based on the specialties of the student members, and publish findings as a group. Team members may also enlist help from other graduate students who are not part of the sub-division.

This Project Based Team Study (PBTS) is the core of the project.

- Goal

To develop women strong in science and technology, who are accomplished in physics, mathematics and information, who can flexibly and consistently provide innovation in response to changes in social circumstances and needs, and who are active on a global stage

- Program Characteristics

  • Course work conducted in English, in order to equip students with international skills and the ability to flexibly respond to social changes
  • Project Based Team Study (PBST) for independent, competitive and goal-driven research as a team
  • Strict evaluations with a system involving team portfolios and four Qualifying Examinations (QE)
  • Development of an education system and voluntary provision of said system to other universities
  • Human resource development and the realization of gender diversity through tight collaboration between industry, academia and government, with Ochanomizu University as a hub
  • Lab Rotations that require overseas and corporate experience
  • Maximum use of the university’s know-how on developing competent women and other on-going, related programs
  • Active use of alumni who are leaders in industry, academia and government
  • Use of affiliated schools, which allows outreach activities
  • University-wide support led by the university president

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