The Japanese Cabinet Office recognizes initiatives at the Center for Leadership Education and Research in the first "Kaeru-no-Hoshi" (Change! JPN) awards

The Ochanomizu University Center for Leadership Education and Research (six teams nationwide) has been selected by the Japanese Cabinet Office (Office for Work-Life Balance, Gender Equality Bureau) as a recipient of the first "Frog Star" awards, a project designed to "transform work styles and change the world."
Center Director Mitsuko Yorizumi and Assistant Professor Akie Naito (a representative of the Center) received the "Frog Star" certificate and a commemorative shield at the official certification ceremony held at the Prime Minister's official residence on Tuesday, December 11, 2012.

Top-level corporate management plays an important role in helping employees achieve a harmonious balance between work and private life, but individual company units (division, sections, units, and teams) can also do a great deal to limit long work hours and promote the use of paid leave by transforming everyday work practices and streamlining clerical duties. From this perspective, the government has begun to recognize efforts designed to change work styles and improve overall performance by awarding deserving organizations with "Frog Star" certification. This initiative aims to provide valuable input to companies currently trying to or facing the eventual need to enhance work-life balance.

Ochanomizu University is extremely proud that the efforts of its Center for Leadership Education and Research to generate improved results through work-style reforms have earned the "Frog Star" distinction. The university is looking forward to expanding on the organization's work.

The Kaeru-no-Hoshi certificate
The Kaeru-no-Hoshi commemorative shield

The Kaeru-no-Hoshi commemorative shield
The Kaeru-no-Hoshi commemorative shield

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