Ochanomizu University selected for type-A (university-wide) funding from the Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development, sparking innovation in the foreign language curriculum and expanded study abroad opportunities

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has selected Ochanomizu University to receive 2012 type-A (university-wide) funding from the Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development.

The Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development aims to overcome the Japanese younger generation's "inward tendencies" and foster human resources who can tackle the challenges of and succeed in the global field, providing a basis for improving Japan's global competitiveness and enhancing the ties between nations. Efforts to promote the internationalization of university education in Japan receive priority financial support. With its selection, Ochanomizu University joins 10 other recipients of university-wide funding.

Ochanomizu University's foreign language curriculum will evolve into an even stronger form, while students will have greater opportunities to study abroad and interact with international students on campus. The university will post details on its website as the changes develop.

English curriculum reforms
Provide opportunities for TOEFL testing every academic year (with test fees covered by the university)
Increase the number of required English credits
Improve English communication skills (through the Advanced Communication Training program)
Establish a School-Wide English Support Desk and offer more self-directed learning materials, including software for individual conversation practice
Chinese curriculum reforms (elective language)t
Create advanced courses designed to cultivate and enhance communication skills (through presentations in Chinese and Chinese-intensive seminars)
Provide opportunities for Chinese proficiency testing (levels 3 and 4) (with test fees covered by the university)
Implement a Chinese Skills Program
Scholarships/support for study abroad
Establish a study abroad scholarship system
Provide study abroad guidance to students as soon as they enter the university
Expand the study abroad credit transfer program, provide more internship opportunities, and offer credit for internship work
Create a support system for students studying abroad/returning from abroad and expand risk management efforts
Initiatives to enhance global capabilities
Sponsor international conferences, workshops, internships, and lectures
Build broader networks with other universities through consortiums and other arrangements
Conduct field research on international cooperation

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