Mayumi Kudo wins the 7th UNESCO-L’ORÉAL Co-sponsored Fellowship for Young Women in Life Sciences (Japan)

In 2012, Mayumi Kudo, a doctoral student in the Ochanomizu University Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences (Division of Advanced Sciences), received the 7th UNESCO- L’ORÉAL Co-sponsored Fellowship for Young Women in Life Sciences (Japan). This award, created by Nihon L’Oréal and the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO in November 2005 to help young Japanese female scientists continue their work at Japanese educational/research institutions, honors young women researchers currently at or planning to study at the doctoral level.

Connections between society and research
Contributions to the creation of artificial helical molecules modeled to resemble the helical structures observed in DNA and proteins
Research content
The formation of helical structures through artificial molecules and the exploration of their chemical properties

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