An overview of the 2012 Ochanomizu Summer Program in English

Period: July 23 (Mon) 27 (Fri), 2012

With the goals to educate people who wish to pursue an active career on the international stage, and to promote student interchange, Ochanomizu University offers a summer program in English again this year. The program will offer a series of lectures for Ochanomizu University students (including international students), and for students from partner universities in Japan and abroad (under a credit transfer system).

We offer the choice of three themes. All lectures will be given in English.

Theme I:
   “Contemporary Perspectives on Social Policy, Education, Family and Development”

This class, taught by an interdisciplinary team of five professors, will present various perspectives on social policy, education, family and child development in contemporary Japan. Each session consists of lectures and discussions. Students are expected to actively participate in class discussions.

Theme II:
  “Science on Form and Color”

Nature is filled with structurally diverse or differently-colored substances and living creatures. The physical nature of form (structure or assembly) and color is figured out by the sciences, especially mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and information science. The lectures examine and explain the science on form and color, and are given in English by teaching staff in the Faculty of Science. Each lecturer will present, in simple terms, the latest areas of interest in their own field of expertise. This will ensure an overall comprehensive approach.

Theme III:
   “Ritual and Power in East Asian Societies” 

In the history of East Asian societies, ritual has been crucially important for state power as the equipment for proving its legitimacy at home and abroad. For example, in Japan, which made a start as a modern state in the Meiji era, the government intentionally positioned imperial ritual as what would play politically-important roles for both inside and outside of Japan, leading to the present day. The aim of this programme is to consider ritual and power in East Asian societies in English focusing on state power and ritual. The lectures by teachers of modern political science, modern Chinese literature, and Japanese art history are given to discuss the topic from a viewpoint of comparison. This programme includes a field trip to the Meiji jingu.

★ Check 2011 Summer Program at this site.

Ochanomizu University - Summer Program in English
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★ How to Apply

For Ochanomizu students:
Please register as one of the spring semester courses.
For auditors from partner universities in Japan:
Please contact a credit transfer section at your university for details.
For auditors from partner universities overseas:
Please contact the International Office at your university for details.
For credited auditors:
Please refer to the web site (Japanese only)
Examination fees, admission fees, and tuition fees will be required for enrollment.
Ochanomizu alumnae will be exempted from the admission fee.
(For details: (Japanese only))
Male credited auditors can register only as graduate credited auditors, not undergraduate.

★ Application Form

★ Application Deadline

May 31, 2012

* Ochanomizu students are required to apply during the course registration period for the spring semester.

★ N.B.

Male students are welcome to join the program.


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